The May 2023 edition of the JPT member-only update
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We're excited to announce that during the month of May, each of our weekly winners will win an awesome prize pack from Al's Goldfish Lure Co that includes over $200 of gear for your tackle box and some Al’s swag! Remember, every JPT member is automatically entered in the weekly drawing, and you get a bonus entry when you refer someone to join JPT and they let us know when they register.
THEY submitted pictures to us!  (above)  Brendon Warner, of Binghamton, NY caught and released several largemouth bass  when he was fishing, and Andrew Uszenski, of Montgomery, NY caught a brown trout while fishing on the Neversink River.  Share your pictures with us.
Here's a cool story about a 12 year old girl who started making free fishing lures for her dad and his fishing buddies.
Two years later, she officially started her own lure business called Breezy Bombers, selling her baits on Instagram and Facebook.
Then she attended the National Fishing Expo held in Columbus, Ohio.
Find out who she met, and what incredible things happened....  

When it comes to early season fishing opportunities, few things are better than spring crappie action! A lot of good crappie fishing also revolves around consistent weather. Warming trends draws fish in, while cold fronts push them out. One day they're loaded; the next day, they're gone with the wind. Watch Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin with more insight into finding and catching one of North America's favorite fish: The Crappie.
Outdoor News hardcore angler Glen Schmidt has some tips on presentations to target walleye that Glen says become super aggressive shortly after the spawning season.
While some presentations are more productive than others, you can put walleyes in the net in a multitude of ways with his techniques...
Are you curious to learn more about Al's Goldfish Lure Co? It's a lure that's been around for 70 years - WOW! Built with a fish-attracting design that makes the lure wobble in the water, learn about tips for rigging this lure whether you are retrieving or trolling ..learn more
In Noble County, Ohio, fourth graders participate in the "Trout in the Classroom Program" raising Rainbow Trout. Last year students hatched around 100 eggs, then raised and released 92 fingerlings trout at Wolf Run Lake near Belle Valley, Ohio.  This year they are planning some fun outdoor events to go along with the trout release. Learn more about this project
We'd love to hear about special projects your class or team have worked on that help create habitat or make our great outdoors even better. Share here

Noble County, Ohio, fourth graders participate in the "Trout in the Classroom Program"
JPT member exclusive savings from Al's Goldfish Lure Company
It's that time of year! Enter the Outdoor News Wood Duck Challenge to build & install a Wood Duck nesting box. Deadline is May 8th to enter this year's challenge.
Do you know the difference between a red, a grey, and a fox squirrel?
Become a Citizen Scientist by participating in Project Squirrel. Learn how to identify these three tree squirrels, then report your observations to help provide valuable information that will eventually be used to learn the importance of citizen scientists in advancing scientific knowledge as a whole.

Anyone can participate in Project Squirrel. No matter where you live, city, country, rural or urban, you can participate right from the comfort of your backyard or neighborhood. If tree squirrels live in your community, you can be a squirrel monitor! No matter where you are in the US, you can participate.
Learn More
Above, Owen Miller of Norwood Young America, Minnesota shot this 24.5 lb pound gobbler!
If you've had success during the spring hunting season, we want to know how you are preserving your memories through a fan mount or professional taxidermy of your bird. Send us your pictures here

Check out the video below: Catch up with Brody Boese – your coach and virtual mentor for the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team as he walks you through a DIY turkey fan!
Here's more on making your own turkey fan on the cheap as seen in Outdoor News
Are you in the Anoka, Minnesota area and have an interest in air rifles?
The Minnesota Centershots Junior Rifle Club is an area nonprofit, sponsored by the Anoka American Legion and affiliated with the Minneapolis Rifle Club. They participate in USA Shooting, NRA and the Civilian Marksmanship Program at local and national matches.

The coaches are NRA-trained and certified, and this is a friendly, competitive program designed to teach all levels of position rifle shooting, using sporter and precision-grade air rifles.

This organization is welcoming to new participants, and youth ages 11 to 18 can join. Learn more in this article that was featured in Outdoor News

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