The February 2023 edition of the JPT member-only update
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Do you ever listen to podcasts? Ducks Unlimited has one that recently featured some fun facts about waterfowl, including which waterfowl species is the largest, which lives the longest, which is the fastest, which acorns wood ducks consider the tastiest and more! Catch it here
Another fun fact? Thursday, Feb. 2 is #WorldWetlandsDay. This year's theme is “It’s Time for Wetlands Restoration.”
Glen Schmidt, with Outdoor News, is one serious angler. He's learned some tricks fishing the frozen lakes of Minnesota and has thoughts on targeting walleye under the ice as the hardwater season winds down Glen says,"By the time the calendar flips to February, these fish have had pressure for several weeks. They’ve seen just about every lure, many aggressive feeders have been picked off, oxygen levels are dropping, and feeding windows are shorter." Find out how he pivots his approach to keep bringing 'eyes to the top LEARN MORE
In the video below, we caught up with Matt Johnson of Clam Outdoors to find out how he's adjusting to the tough ice conditions he's faced this season in his home state. Matt offers some solid advice for any angler to help them be safe and increase your chance of bending some rods when you head out
Here's a fun little bit of news... During a popular ice fishing event held recently in Minnesota, 13 year old Zac Padrnos latched onto a 9.45 lb. Walleye. That's a great catch any day - but that fish landed him first place in the 2023 Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza ...... and he won A NEW TRUCK!
If fishing isn't your thing and you're looking for a great winter activity, consider building some Wood Duck nesting boxes. It's important to build them now so they are ready to be installed in early spring before nesting season gets underway! Here's a video that talks about the Outdoor News Wood Duck Challenge
Spending some time in the woods this time of year is a way to see who some of your neighbors might be. Have you spotted some tracks and wondered what animal passed by? Tell us what you learned by following the tracks.
Was it something about their diet during the winter months, or where they took a nap? Make a list of the different animals you were able to identify by their tracks... Click here to tell us about it

#JPTHUNTING TIP: If you're planning a spring turkey hunt, now is the time to start scouting locations, and connecting with the landowners to ask permission to hunt on their property when the season rolls around.

It's also time to think ahead to shed antler hunting. Coach Brody has some tips for you in this video
Are you heading to National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic Feb. 17-19 at the Minneapolis Convention Center? There are seminars on habitat, sporting dogs and tons more.
Don't forget to stop by the Outdoor News booth when you are at Pheasant Fest!
Remember to tell your friends to join JPT. You will get a bonus entry in the weekly drawing! Here's the list of winners from January 2023: Stephen Loshek who's picture is featured with that slab bluegill he landed, plus three more winners who each had a BONUS entry because they told a friend to join JPT: Lucas Bacher from Hanover, PA, Nathan Nepstad from Eagan, MN, and Dominick Amendolia from Wappingers Falls, NY.
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