The December 2022 edition of the JPT member-only update
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With winter weather here, that mean's it's hardwater season across the North land! We've got a ton of ice fishing content in this month's JPT update to get you excited about ice season! Do you consider yourself a hardcore ice angler? Jack Johnson is, he grew up on the ice, and he's pumped up about getting other teens into ice fishing.
Take the challenge: share pics of you and your friends ice fishing! You will get a bonus entry into the weekly drawing. Share your pics here
If you're in the Minnesota area, and just want to learn more about hardwater fishing - check this out! Future Anglers of Minnesota has a program where you can sign up for FREE ICE FISHING CLINICS! Here's the link, and watch the video below to learn more
We've got some gear reviews, tips for ice fishing and so much more on our YouTube channel. 
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Now for some hardcore fishing tips you can use! According to our friends at Angling Buzz, the difference between an OK day on the ice and a great day on the ice is in the small details. So, when targeting panfish, one of the most important things you need to pay attention to is …
Top 3 Panfish Jigging Tips
Submit your fishing photo or video to the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team
Cool to see friends out enjoying a hunt together! Above: Jared Cherney, Garrett Frazer, Owen Frazer, and Parker Ball, all of Cass Lake MN harvested these ducks during the 2022 fall hunt. Below: JPT member, Eric Nemunaitis, of Bentleyville, OH and his two buddies, Garret and Jack, each bagged a pheasant while hunting in the Grand River Wildlife Area. Share pics of you hunting with your friends
Tydan Guida, of Fort Ripley, MN harvested this 11-point buck. Tydan was also drawn as the JPT winner for Nov. 18th in weekly drawing that every JPT member is automatically entered into!
We want to hear about the things you've learned when you've been enjoying the great outdoors.
Here are some ideas to share with us:

-What meant the most to you when you went on your first hunting trip?
-Is there something that was hard for you to learn, and now you've gotten good at it?
-Who do you look forward to sharing time outdoors with?
-What was the biggest surprise you had when you started hunting?
-Is there an amazing thing you saw when you were out exploring outdoors?

Here's an epic one for you: JPT member, Matthias Naumann, of Kiel, WI shot this 10-point buck 15 minutes after his big brother, Sam, shot an 8-point buck from the same stand, using the same gun while hunting in Wisconsin.
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