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July 31, 2020 Weekly Junior Pro Team eNewsletter

You've followed JPT Captain Kyle Bahr along with his brother Tyler, in the SBBA YouTube series. But now Kyle will be headed to college on a FISHING SCHOLARSHIP this fall. Check out the video in this week's newsletter, where we got the scoop on what it took to make that dream of Kyle's become a reality.

Plus - Knot tying hacks you can use.

What was the answer to last week's Outdoor News trivia question, and who got it right? All this and more in this week's Junior Pro Team newsletter.
Watch the latest SBBA video by clicking on the image below or go right to our YouTube Channel to watch it  HERE

I last weeks' update, we mentioned how warm water temperatures can create a lot of added stress for big Muskie and Pike, especially when you are fighting to bring them to the boat.

But did you know that there are other things that can stress fish? When you are practicing catch and release fishing, there is a very simple thing you can do to help increase the survival rate of the fish you bring on board.

HERE'S A GREAT TIP: When you are fishing with friends or family, always designate who will take the picture when a fish is on the line, and have the camera ready to go before you bring your catch on board. Otherwise, you'll waste valuable time, and put additional stress on the fish, if you are fumbling around trying to take the photo.

We love seeing your photos (and we'll even send you a JPT cap if we feature your picture in this newsletter) but make sure you're doing it right when it comes to being an ethical angler.
Junior Pro Team Member Isaac Palecek sent in a picture of the decal he got with his membership card. We're sending him a jumbo heavy duty JPT decal!

In a recent newsletter, we mentioned some helpful Apps for anglers, including some for knot tying.
Fishing Knots and the USCG Knot Guide are both free apps you can download, that have step-by-step instructions.

Here are some helpful tips to consider:
- If you're just learning to tie different knots, like the classic clinch knot to tie on terminal tackle, or a barrel knot to join two pieces of monofilament fishing line together, a great way to learn is to practice on larger pieces of rope or heavy cord.
- When tying knots, twists, spirals and other steps should be kept uniform so that when the knot is pulled tight it is neat and snug. Never pop or snap a knot to tighten it. After a knot is tied, look for knot slippage especially if using the newer braided lines like Gorilla Braid, Spider Wire or Fire Line. These line materials are incredibly strong but, if the knot is not tied properly, the knot can slip, and a big fish can be lost.

Hardcore anglers like Outdoor News blogger, Mike Raykovicz says, "A good tip to keep in mind when tying knots in monofilament line, is to be sure to wet the line with saliva and gently pull the knot tight as the last step. The moisture makes the line slip easier and pull tight."
Did you see what JPT Captain Ethan reeled in while bass fishing in Ohio?

Share your pics with us!

Grab a copy of Outdoor News and take the challenge!
Last week we asked you to name the feature that gives anglers detail about area waterways. Congrats to Cody Czech for the correct answer!

Here is this week's Outdoor News Trivia Challenge:

Some JPT members not only are expert anglers and successful hunters, they are also interested in learning to cook with wild game and fish. Name the feature that showcases recipes and cooking tips in Outdoor News, and is a great resource for learning about preparing wild game or fish. (Note that if you are looking at a Minnesota edition, this feature rotates every other week with the popular "Backyard and Beyond" feature that we talked about in a previous newsletter, so check a couple of MN issues.)

Email your answer HERE. Make sure you include your name and JPT member number to be eligible to win!
We'll be giving away a special prize to the JPT member with the correct answer.

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