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July 17, 2020 Weekly Junior Pro Team eNewsletter

A new Super Bahr Bros. Adventure video - follow the guys as they prepare for another fishing tournament. You'll be surprised to find out something they DON'T do before the big event.

Ever had a brush with poison ivy? You don't want to! In another video, JPT Captain Ethan shows you what to look out for.

What was the answer to last week's Outdoor News trivia question, and who got it right? All this and more in this week's Junior Pro Team newsletter.
Watch the latest SBBA video by clicking on the image below or go right to our YouTube Channel to watch it  HERE

This episode catches Kyle and Tyler as they are getting ready for another fishing tourney, and you get to tag along to see what hacks they use!

We're pretty sure their tackle doesn't look like this!!! But they do share some tips on how they organize their gear so that they can switch things up quickly, depending on the fishing.

They spend time using an important tool to research the body of water they are fishing, and you'll find out what they are looking for.

Check it out!

There are a lot of great APPS out there that you can tap to get some great fishing info.
Navionics' mapping is helpful for both ice fishing and when you're fishing out of the boat.

A couple that you may want to download if you spend a lot of time fishing are the BaitFinder app -  that helps you find bait shops near where you are fishing.

Another one is KNOTS - which shows you how to tie knots for all kinds of uses.

RipALIp University is a great resource for help with understanding fishing electronics.

But one app we really encourage every JPT member to have on their phone is a good WEATHER APP and we remind you to use that to be safe whenever you head out. There are some amazing apps out there that show radar, storm tracks and even hourly forecasts.
Click here to tell us about your favorites!
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Grab a copy of Outdoor News and take the challenge!
Last week we asked you to name the feature that that explores wildlife that you might find right outside your door. There are photos that people have sent in of creatures they've spotted, and information highlighting something unique about a species from experts in the outdoor world.
What was that colorful feature called?
Tyler Dennis was drawn from the JPT members who correctly named the BACKYARD AND BEYOND feature.

Here is this week's Outdoor News Trivia Challenge:

In this newsletter, we talked about some apps that help you get around on the water. Outdoor News has a regular feature that gives you some great detail and local tips related to fisheries in your area. This feature is always found in the same spot of every edition of Outdoor News, and the mapping detail is exactly what an angler would be looking for when they decide where to head out. What is this Outdoor News feature called?

Email your answer HERE. Make sure you include your name and JPT member number to be eligible to win!
We'll be giving away a special prize to the JPT member with the correct answer.

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