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July 10, 2020 Weekly Junior Pro Team eNewsletter

Make sure you read through the whole newsletter this week. Find out how YOU can be a part of the biggest showcase of new sportfishing gear in the country!

Plus read about shotgun safety tips, find out what feature showcases the latest hunting and fishing gear in the pages of Outdoor News, and what the next trivia question is for your chance to WIN!
Anglers worldwide anticipate the annual ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trade) Show where new tackle for the coming year is introduced to the business end of the fishing industry. But as with pretty much everything, things are different in 2020. At past ICAST shows Shimano annually hosts an opening day special presentation on the key new products being showcased by all its brands, including G. Loomis, PowerPro and Jackall lures. But with ICAST being an online show instead of in-person, this year Shimano is opening up the event on its website, Facebook page and YouTube channel, starting on Monday, July 13 at 9:30 am EST.

During the first 45-minute event, Shimano pro-staffers and tournament pros join company staff for a thorough run-through on Shimano’s hot new showcase items PLUS host JP DeRose along with other presenters will answer questions and comments posted by viewers both during and after the event.

Shimano will continue with its ‘ICAST Online’ week activities with two additional ‘deep dive’ tackle introduction events on Shimano’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, including:

FRESHWATER TACKLE Tuesday, July 14 starting at 7pm EST

Leading pro bass anglers Alex Davis, Josh Douglas, Jeff Gustafson will be part of Tuesday night’s team and will be joined by key regional pro-staffers including Lawson Tilghman, Carlos Thomas, and Chris Willen to introduce even more new tackle, including Shimano’s Symetre spinning combos, G. Loomis IMX-PRO bass rods, and the new Jackall Gargle buzz/spinner bait and TN/50 lipless cranks.

SALTWATER TACKLE Wednesday, July 15 starting at 7pm EST

For Wednesday’s saltwater focus night, joining Shimano for the presentation are charter captains and guides from up and down the East Coast and through the Gulf, including Jason Catchings, Seth Funt, Chuck Griffin, John Irwin, Ben Powers, Steve Roger, Jack Sprengel, and Jay Withers. They’ll talk more about Saragosa SW reels, Trevala PX rods, and Depth-Hunter Offshore multi-colored braid, plus Shimano’s new ‘Flash Boost’ technology OCRA lures, Talavera Bluewater, Boat and Inshore rods, and Shimano’s revamped tackle storage lineup including the innovative Tonno Offshore Tackle Bag.

This is a great opportunity for Junior Pro Team Members to get some real insider details on gear and interact with top names in the sportfishing industry!

Way to go! On June 21st, JPT member Brock Potter of Albion, Michigan fished his first tournament at lake St. Clair and caught these 3.5 pound and 1.5 pound smallmouth bass.  (Check out that awesome cap Brock is wearing!) Stay tuned for next week's newsletter - we'll be featuring a new episode of the SBBA video series as we catch up on pre-tournament preparations with Kyle and Tyler Bahr.
If fishing is your thing and you live in the Minnesota area - Fishing For Life invites you to get involved! You're not alone, and you can join others who share this interest with their camps, classes and meetups!
Email if you live in the Minnesota area and have an interest in fishing.
Top 10 Firearm Safety Tips!

By JPT Captain, Clay Ellis-Escobar

In the off-season during the summer months, you may be getting out to a sporting clays course or trap field to work on your wingshooting skills. This is a good time to also brush up on your shotgun safety knowledge.
In my last blog, I wrote about Sporting Clays Courses, so far this is my favorite form of practice.
Additionally in a previous blog, I wrote about what I learned at my hunter safety course. A part of that course was how it outlined some of the most important rules when handling and shooting a shotgun. When I was taking the course in my home state of Illinois, the instructors used a safety education book called "Today’s Hunter in Illinois, a guide to hunting responsibly and safely".

Here Are the 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety according to that book.
Grab a copy of Outdoor News and take the challenge!
Here is this week's Outdoor News trivia challenge:
We're all about hunting and fishing - but there is so much more to the great outdoors. In the pages of Outdoor News, you'll find a feature that explores wildlife that you might find right outside your door. There are photos that people have sent in of creatures they've spotted, and information highlighting something unique about a species from experts in the outdoor world.
What is this colorful feature in Outdoor News called?  (Note, if you're looking at the Minnesota edition of Outdoor News, you might need to check a couple of different copies, since this feature rotates.)

Email your answer HERE. Make sure you include your name and JPT member number to be eligible to win!
We'll be giving away a special prize to the JPT member with the correct answer.

Last week we challenged you to locate the feature that highlighted new gear for hunters and anglers in the pages of Outdoor News.
Josiah D. Gawin gave the correct answer:
it's called GEAR & GADGETS, and he got some bonus points with his entry by listing a few of the products that appeared in the feature.

You can get a quick update on new gear such as the hottest new fishing tackle, outdoor apparel or hunting goods that manufacturers are making available to the public.

If you could build the lineup - what gear would YOU be interested in learning more about in this feature? Archery? Ice Fishing Equipment? Camping Gear? Hunting Stuff? Let us know!
Submit your comments to us here.

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