Welcome to the July 3 edition of the exclusive JPT member eNewsletter.
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July 3, 2020 Weekly Junior Pro Team eNewsletter

In this week's update, we wanted to have some fun with a new video.and showcase a couple of JPT family members who enjoy spending time out on the water together, just like the stars of the Super Bahr Bros Adventure series on YouTube - Kyle and Tyler Bahr do!

Plus, we want to remind you that we live in a great country, and even though many things are different right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still get to enjoy some amazing freedom to explore the great outdoors where we live. We want to wish all JPT members and their families a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday tomorrow!
Here's a fun video for you. Being stars of the Super Bahr Bros. Adventure series isn't as easy as it looks! Catch the outtakes you haven't seen before on our YouTube Channel SBBA videos - just click HERE or on the image below.
What are your favorite thoughts about celebrating America's Birthday on July 4th?

We know so much is different this year, but we like to remember fun times!
Do you have great memories of parades in your community?
Is a big BBQ normally part of your family's tradition?
Are the fireworks displays in your area normally really awesome?
Or is your way to celebrate our nation's freedom more about quiet time on the lake?

Share your 4th of July photos with us on Instagram & tag them with #jrproteam

JPT members Madison and Tristan Bachand with bass they caught
Brothers who fish together Graham and Elliot Hanson with pike and walleye they caught fishing together
If we showcase YOUR picture in the weekly Junior Pro Team newsletter, we will send you a JPT cap!
Do you live in the Minnesota area?
Do you love to fish?
Do you want to send time with other people who share that interest? Fishing For Life invites you to join them!

Email if you live in the Minnesota area and have an interest in fishing.
Grab a copy of Outdoor News and take the challenge!
Last week we asked you to name the feature that gives the field reports from the State's Wildlife Conservation Officers (also called DNR Officers, Game Wardens, and Conservation Police Officers).
Grant Franzen was the winner selected from all the correct answers that were sent in, and he won a JPT ballcap!

Did you know that Outdoor News even has an entertaining book that put a bunch of the most outrageous Cuffs and Collars reports together in one place? Click here to check out "Wisconsin Edition - Best of Cuffs & Collars" in the Outdoor News store.

Here is this week's Outdoor News Trivia Challenge:

Outdoor News has a feature that showcases the new hot gear available to hunters and anglers. Each issue showcases five new things in this feature, which you will find appearing towards the bottom section of a page in the paper. What is that feature called? (Get a bonus entry when you send your answer in, by naming one of the products featured!)

Email your answer HERE. Make sure you include your name and JPT member number to be eligible to win!
We'll be giving away a special prize to the JPT member with the correct answer.

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