Welcome to the February 2022 edition of the JPT member-only update. We've got videos you'll want to check out, and get some tips to help YOU become a better hunter and more successful angler.
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August 2021 Outdoor News Junior Pro Team update
We're ramping up for the 2022 Wood Duck Challenge.... check out this video to find out about the bonus prizes you could win when you build a Wood Duck Nesting Box and enter your photo. Remember - birds start migrating in March, so get started soon!
Outdoor News Junior Pro Team members are encouraged to include the hashtag #jptfishing when they post any of their fishing related pictures on social media
Fishing with electronics?
How to attract and catch more fish
Set up in a shelter and don’t plan on moving?
Bring the fish to you with this strategy

Coach Revermann says,"Sonar units can open our eyes to what is happening below the ice, but I see some crucial mistakes. One of the biggest is....   Learn More...
Check out this video. Our friend Joel Nelson shares FIVE extra-helpful tips that you can use to put more walleyes on the ice this winter.
Wow! These JPT members hauled some hefty Pike through the ice this season.
Did you know that if we feature YOUR picture in the JPT newsletter, you will get a JPT cap? Share your pics!

Share your fishing pictures with the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team and follow the hashtag #jptfishing on Instagram
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Hunting Optics How you can score some deals
SHOT SHOW - it's the biggest gathering of hunting and outdoor related gear in the US and since it just wrapped up in January, the pages of Outdoor News will soon be featuring tons of the hottest new gear that was showcased there for 2022. What that means for you, is that serious hunters will be looking to upgrade their optics - and you may be able to get a great price on the gear they want to sell!
That's why we're sharing this next video - from 2 years ago - when Outdoor News visited SHOT SHOW, and dialed in to the optics that were new at that time. This video can be a super helpful guide when considering a purchase of used gear!
JPT Member Landon Verbeeck of South Elgin, Illinois already scored a shed antler this season when he was out trekking around in the winter woods.

We've got a video coming up with tips by Coach Brody Boese to have more success finding sheds, so make sure you've subscribed to our YouTube channel.

But here's something to consider.. What do you do if you find a dead buck with the antlers still attached?

Deer can die of natural causes, or sometimes a hunter who may have attempted to harvest the animal was unable to track it down after taking the shot, and the animal might be found in some rabbit hole thicket. Depending on what mice or other wildlife have been feasting on, there may be a mighty rack on the carcass.

A well-respected writer who contributes to Outdoor News, and avid deer hunter who spends tons of time in the field shared his experience on just this - and it may surprise you!
Tony Peterson is from Minnesota, and shared that "if you should happen to find a deceased buck that is still holding his headgear, you can’t legally take it without a possession tag." In other states, the laws vary on this rule, so it is important to do a little research before you head into the woods to do some shed hunting.
Learn more about Tony Peterson's experience with salvaging a trophy rack here

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