Welcome to the January edition of the JPT member-only update. We've got videos you'll want to check out, and get some tips to help YOU become a better hunter and more successful angler.
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August 2021 Outdoor News Junior Pro Team update
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JPT Head Coach Jason Revermann - who's an avid hardwater angler, shares tips on keeping your ice fishing gear ORGANIZED! Keeping everything organized makes it much easier to setup and commence fishing in frigid temps. The reward? More quality fishing for you, and less time and money spent locating, or replacing lost, costly gear. Read more

BONUS: Check out Coach Revermann's easy hack to attach a reel to an ice fishing rod in the video below......

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Check out that picture below to see what JPT Member, Austyn Schuler, caught and released while ice fishing on Dec. 24th..... Wow - a 32-inch northern pike!

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Austyn Schuler, of Glenwood, MN caught and released this 32-inch northern while fishing Dec. 24, 2021
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If you watched the cartoon Frosty the Snowman over your Christmas break, you likely heard the train conductor trying to sell him a ticket to the North Pole via the Klondike and "Aurora Borealis" While it certainly isn't a PLACE that Frosty, or anybody else for that matter, could get to on a train, the Aurora Borealis, also called NORTHERN LIGHTS are pretty epic to watch if you see them darting across the sky. The month of January offers a great chance to catch them, and also spot some cool constellations and planets in the night sky for that matter. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be shining in the sky this winter. Brighter than any star, the planets will be visible to the naked eye on a cloudless winter night through the majority of January. Did you
know there is a constellation called Orion the Hunter? Apps like SkySafari are available - kind of like maps for the sky Learn more
Download plans from Outdoor News publications on how to make a bluebird nest box here
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