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June 26, 2020 Weekly Junior Pro Team eNewsletter

There are so many options when it comes to fishing line - how do you know which one is the best choice? We've got a few pointers and a helpful video breaking down FISHING LINE 101.

You'll find some great photos, including a SHOCKING catch one JPT member reeled in while doing some bottom-fishing.

We'll tell you which JPT members won in our weekly contest, plus give you the answer to last week's Outdoor News trivia question. Plus some cool opportunities!
Fluorocarbon or monofilament line – what’s the big difference?

One difference between the types of line is the visibility of the line to fish in their underwater environment. If you are fishing in ultra clear water, fluorocarbon line is less visible. You’ll hear it referred to as the “opacity” of the line.

Some anglers believe that Fluorocarbon isn’t as tough as monofilament. A nick or kink in traditional monofilament line isn’t usually a big deal. But if you have those same issues with fluoro, it’s a line breaker. This character in the type of fishing line is called “abrasion resistance”.

What about braided line?

Each line type has different characteristics, such as how it floats or sinks, how stretchy it is, etc..
Since there is a lot to consider when you go to purchase fishing supplies, we’ll let the pros at Angling Buzz tackle the subject of fishing line in this helpful video. Check it out below!

Seriously, hauling in an EEL on your line would be a major surprise. What's the wildest thing you've ever landed while fishing? We want to hear about it! Send your comments HERE

If fishing is your thing and you live in the Minnesota area - Fishing For Life invites you to get involved! You're not alone, and you can join others who share this interest with their camps, classes and meetups!
Email if you live in the Minnesota area and have an interest in fishing.
If you enjoy the hunting experience, check out this opportunity from Double Team Outdoors.- who has created the World’s Greatest Hunting Tournament open to all youth and adult hunters to participate in and be recognized for their successful harvest of big game animals. Just click on the image below for more information!
Grab a copy of Outdoor News and take the challenge!
Here is this week's Outdoor News trivia challenge:
DNR Officers... Wildlife Conservation Officers..Game Wardens... Conservation Police Officers... depending upon where you live, what people call these important officials may be different, but they all play a critical role in protecting our natural resources so that they can be enjoyed for future generations.

When they are out doing their job, these officers remind people to check the fishing and hunting regulations, help local law enforcement officials in search and rescue operations, and are passionate about  protecting wildlife resources and the natural environment.
In the pages of Outdoor News, there is a section where we feature some of the field reports from these officers. Sometimes the reports make us mad (Like when people do not follow the rules and they steal resources from the rest of us.) and sometimes these reports help to make us aware of issues affecting wildlife in part of our state.

What is the feature in Outdoor News called where the officer's field reports are shown?

Email your answer HERE. Make sure you include your name and JPT member number to be eligible to win!
We'll be giving away a special prize to the JPT member with the correct answer.

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