Welcome to the October edition of the JPT member-only update. We've got videos you'll want to check out, and get some tips to help YOU become a better hunter and more successful angler.
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August 2021 Outdoor News Junior Pro Team update
Are you into waterfowl hunting?
Click to Show us your decoy set-up or what birds you've harvested!

Ever harvested a duck or goose with a leg band? Scroll down for a cool read on what those banded birds are all about!

Are you going to try some bow hunting this season? We're working on a video from Coach Brody with tricks and hacks for bow hunters.
Is deer hunting your thing? Keep reading to find out about a super food source to consider, & something else to keep an eye on from the stand

What about upland bird hunting? We can't wait to see YOUR PICTURES - and to get the party started, check out the video gallery of some of your fellow JPT members who had success last season chasing roosters...CHECK IT OUT
Kaylee Warner, of Binghamton, NY shot her first geese while hunting on the Susquehanna River, Sept. 11, 2021. Way to go Kaylee! Make sure you add these hashtags to your Instagram posts #jrproteam #jpthunting
Have you ever wondered about those shiny metal bands you'll see some waterfowl hunters sporting around their neck?  Shooting a "banded bird" is a pretty rare thing - but what is that band all about? You might be surprised!
Our friends at Ducks Unlimited break it down....

We know that deer will dine in apple orchards, corn fields and in green fields of alfalfa, but you would be wise to learn how to identify oak trees, because they are a huge food source for whitetails and other wildlife. Click here to get a ton of great info on identifying - and hunting over - this powerful wildlife food source.

Plus here's a hunting trick the author suggested: "Whenever I hunt over acorns, I always carry a few small rocks in my pocket. When acorns are thick on the ground, deer have little trouble finding them, but it’s rarely that easy. Deer quickly learn to listen for the sound of an acorn hitting the carpet of leaves below. When they hear the “plop” of an acorn, they wander over to find it. I’ve seen young deer race each other to the site of a falling acorn. A stone sounds just like an acorn when it falls to the leaves."
Turkey Hunting Expert, Joel Nelson, shares some tips he's learned on using his time in the deer stand during the whitetail bow season to scout for turkeys in autumn...

Talking about treestands..... Outdoor News JPT Coach and Virtual Mentor, Brody Boese, has some important tips on treestand safety in the video below!

OHHH... that could have been bad... Check out what happens in Coach Brody's video and get the scoop on treestand placement tips too!
 Hang out with Outdoor News Junior Pro Team Coach and Virtual Mentor Brody Boese at 2021 Game Fair held at Armstrong Ranch Kennels in Ramsey, Minnesota. From the Outdoor News booth, and the scoop on how you can get a FREE pass to the Minnesota Deer & Turkey Classic with your Outdoor News subscription, to a visit with Josh Miller at the SportDOG® Brand booth by the lakeside demo area, join Brody to find out what he discovered. Game Fair is THE place to be for sport dog owners, and the competitions for retrievers, dock dogs and all things sporting dog related where exciting to see. Brody stopped by and had a chat with Lucas Adamski at the Beavertail -DOA Decoy booth. Lucas showed off the hot new Dominator Decoy series, the full body Canada goose decoys that are 20% larger than before, plus their Teal decoys - perfect for the new Minnesota Teal Hunt Season. (If you missed out on Game Fair, you can still visit to check out all
their waterfowl and outdoor gear) Coach Brody took a cruise up to Waterfowlers Hill and caught up with Champion Waterfowl Caller, Nick Johnson, at the Pacific Calls booth where Nick gives Outdoor News Junior Pro Team members some expert advice on how to choose the right goose or duck call, and tips on the best way to learn to correctly replicate real birds and hone your calling skills for greater success during the waterfowl season. Nick also let us in on his new line of Canada Goose calls that are now available through Pacific Calls too. Have you ever seen a dog fly? Brody got some epic footage of athletic canines competing in events such as the "Long Jump" off the docks, the "Scurry", "Goose Hunt" and "Obstacle Course" dog events held during the 2021 Game Fair. Were you at Game Fair this year? You might just see yourself in this video too! Coach Brody swung by the youth activities and games, including the Sling Shot, Archery and Shooting Instructions with
Minnesota Firearms and the Minnesota Rifle Club. If you missed out on the 2021 Game Fair, be sure to visit for details on future events. Visit to subscribe to one of the seven state-specific editions of the most trusted outdoor publications available. To learn more about the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team for youth ages 18 and under, visit
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Get on board! Don't miss out on new videos by Coach Brody. He'll be giving you some hacks for storing your fishing gear and bow hunting tips!
REMINDER TO ALL SQUIRREL HUNTERS! Mepps wants to buy your squirrel tails! [Please leave the bone in the tail!] We'll pay you cash or double the cash value in Mepps lures. [For More Info, Click Here] ***Mepps is only interested in recycling tails taken from squirrels that have been harvested for the table. We do not advocate taking squirrels strictly for their tails.***
If you're following us on social media, you'll notice that we've shared some photos of JPT members who've been out hunting squirrels, so wanted to make sure JPT members knew about this great offer from Mepps!

Mepps wants to buy your squirrel tails! [They said to please leave the bone in the tail!] They'll pay you cash or double the cash value in Mepps lures.

***Please note that Mepps is only interested in recycling tails taken from squirrels that have been harvested for the table. They do not advocate taking squirrels strictly for their tails.***

Bonus: Here is a recipe you could make using your squirrel meat! Chipolte BBQ Squirrel Dip
Outdoor News JPT members are encouraged to submit their fishing photos to us at
Nice catch! Liam Scott, of Cornwall, NY caught and released this Coho Salmon while fly fishing on Labor Day. Did you hear about the new Michigan State Record Chinook Salmon that tipped the scales at a whopping 47.86 lbs.?
We want to see photos of your big catch - send them to the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team HERE - and if we feature your picture in the newsletter like Liam (above) & Gibson (below), we will send you a JPT logo cap! They are each going to receive one in the mail. You can use your JPT member number to buy one and get a discount too!

There's a little throwback to last winter's ice fishing season! Gibson Kerkvliet caught and released that 21 1/2-inch walleye back in January. Who's counting the days until hardwater season??! Until you can head out on the ice and drill to drop a line, check out some great fall open water fishing tips for marble eyes below!

Coach Revermann shares some angling advice in this blog


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