The April 2024 edition of the JPT member-only update
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Using decoys is an effective hunting strategy for spring turkey hunting. In this video, Outdoor News Junior Pro Team Coach and Virtual Mentor, Brody Boese, walks you through his method for placement of decoys, and explains elements including distance and types of decoys. Brody is an avid bow hunter and you’ll get a chance to get into the blind with him on this hunt when he goes after the wily thunderchicken. When you have success in the field this turkey season, make sure to share your photos with the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team using the hashtag #jpthunting
Using the spring migration to hone your duck ID skills is a powerful resource for waterfowl hunters to tap into. Our friends at Ducks Unlimited have a great list with tips
Being able to ID ducks on the wing is a powerful tool that waterfowl hunters can get some practice on during the spring migration. Spoonbills, blue wing teal and green wing teal are similar, but knowing the difference is important in the field. Check out this informative article by Outdoor News covering differences to help you id: Mallards, Canvas Back, Black Duck, Scaup, Wigeon & Gadwall, Redhead, Pintail and more CLICK TO LEARN MORE
If you have a successful turkey hunt this spring, consider a turkey fan to make a memory of your hunt to showcase. Here's a video that walks you through the steps of a Do-It-Yourself Turkey Fan

If you're out turkey hunting or searching for shed antlers, remember to take the time to clean your boots and check your gear so that you do not accidently spread invasive species!
An invasive species is any harmful non-native plant, animal, or other organism that can impact the environment.
Some people only think about the Clean.Drain.Dry program when it comes to invasives in our waterways, but seed pods and other things can be carried on our footwear and clothing when we are out exploring. Learn more
Did you do some squirrel hunting this season and remember to save your tails? Pull them out and trade them in for some Mepps lures.
Learn more about the Mepps Squirrel Tail Recycling Program here
Learn more about Crush City here 
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Did you know that the state fish of the State of Arizona is the Apache Trout?

If you live in New York you may want to consider applying to attend the NYS Trout Waters camp hosted by Trout Unliimted. Applications are due by May 15th for teens that are interested in attending:
New York State Council's Trout Waters Youth Camp As part of these efforts, the NYS Council hosts a one-week Trout Waters Youth Camp each year for approximately 15 girls and boys aged 14–17, regardless of prior skill level or their family’s ability to pay. Top professionals present lessons on fly tying and fishing, entomology (studying aquatic insects, ecology, and conservation. Each evening, campers have one-on-one stream experiences with knowledgeable Delaware River anglers. Click here to view pictures in the Photo Gallery from prior Trout Camps. The scheduled dates for 2024 are June 23 to June 28. Applications close May 15, 2024.
Share your photos with us HERE  When you post your photos on social media, remember to use the hashtags  #jrproteam   #jptfishing  #jpthunting

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