The February 2024 edition of the JPT member-only update
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You are probably thinking the same thing as us... WHAT HAPPENED TO WINTER? In many parts of the country, there is bare ground and mud where there would normally be snowdrifts. Across the ice belt, ice fishing had short window when temperatures plunged and some ice was able to form. But for anyone who loves winter, the long term forecast news isn't great. According to the National Weather Service El Niño is anticipated to continue through the Northern Hemisphere into spring.
So we are wondering what you are doing this time of year that is different than other winters?
One thing that would be ideal would be to work on some Wood Duck Nesting Boxes!

Share your photos with us HERE  When you post your photos on social media, remember to use the hashtags  #jrproteam   #jptfishing  #jpthunting
Here's an idea from Minnesota fishing guide Darren Troseth, he suggests using a Smitty Sled as a great way to haul gear on ice. It’s a light platform frame made from wood or aluminum cross braces and attached to two downhill skis and a pull rope. Given the lack of real winter conditions we've experienced this year, you may be able to pick up a pair of used skis cheap, and it is a good project to tackle now for use next season.
Just like the ice fishing season that is going away soon, the Aqua-Vu Fishing Photo Contest ends tomorrow!
We have had some great entries (check them out on our Instagram page) so stay tuned for the announcements next week.
One Grand Prize winner will receive the All-New Aqua-Vu AV722 Underwater Camera

This underwater fishing camera combines a full 7in color LCD screen with an ultra-portable power packed design. The Aqua-Vu® AV722 underwater camera features a lithium-ion battery, advanced camera optics, 50’ of rugged cable on a detachable MagSpool™ and a custom carrying case. As an added bonus, the Aqua-Vu® AV722 comes with a precision cable management fin, weight and a convenient ¼”-20 threaded insert for multiple mounting options.

Learn more about this product here.
Retail Value:  $399.99

3 Runners Up will receive the All-New Aqua-Vu Strike-Vu HD Lure Camera

Providing an eye-to-eye perspective of the fish, the new Strike-Vu™ Camera from Aqua-Vu captures all the underwater excitement of striking fish in colorful HD video. A built in 32-GB hard drive records underwater action in 3-minute clips, for up to 4 1/2 hours of video. Magnetic, waterproof USB connection interfaces with a computer or other device for file management as well as for charging the integrated Li-Ion battery (battery powers Strike-Vu™ continuously for up to 5 1/2 hours.) To connect to a fishing line and lure, an 8-inch rigid-wire shaft features dual eyelets – ideal for trolling, casting, jigging, dropshotting or other underwater recording applications.

It's not too early to start scouting for turkey. Grab a pair of binoculars and start scouting for turkeys NOW - or better yet, take a walk around the property you will be hunting in spring and check for scratchings or droppings. It’s easy to tell male from female turkey droppings because a tom’s is “J-shaped” while a hen’s is spiral in shape much like the curl on a soft ice cream cone.
We think about gun safety - from how we handle our firearms when we we are in the field and transporting them, to how to safely and securely store them when we are not using them, but what about other safety issues? Spending time outdoors means you could incur an injury that is sudden and severe. That makes it important to have a first aid kit when you head out to scout the woods, or spend some time fishing, and have a plan in place with the people you are with. What about learning some basic first aid skills? Many community ed programs offer first aid programs and even CPR classes for teens.
As we head into the spring season, it also means severe weather in the forecast too. Having a family plan in place for where you will take shelter or meet up during bad weather is a good idea.
Each of these weekly winners will receive a JPT cap!

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