The January 2024 edition of the JPT member-only update
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Our January sponsor is Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) the nation’s largest statewide conservation organization. TRACKS Magazine is a fourth through fifth grade reader that has been published for 46 years by MUCC!
It features different species each month, hands-on activities and helps you learn about conservation and more.

JPT members can use the code TRACKS24 for a 50% discount on TRACKS Magazine
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With the warmer weather many of the states have been having this winter, we know that hardwater anglers are anxious to get some decent ice forming on the lakes and bodies of water so they can do some ice fishing.
Remember that ice is never 100% safe and it takes 4 inches of new, clear ice at a minimum for the recommended thickness for walking, it takes at least 5 to 7 inches to hold a snowmobile or small all-terrain vehicle, and 7 to 8 inches for a larger, side-by-side ATV. Learn more
To get you amped up for ice season, here is a video that talks about using plastics instead of live bait.
Sure those maggots and minnows have a place, but when you're on a bite, our friend Matt Johnson from Clam Outdoors has a suggestion: switch to plastics
Talking about early ice season basics.... Jeremy Smith with Angling Buzz has some thoughts on early ice - telling us that one of the most common mistakes that ice anglers make is heading too deep, too early. Learn more
We want to see all JPT members getting out and enjoying some fishing with their family and friends. To celebrate a new year of fishing fun, we've teamed up with Aqua-Vu, and want you to share your best fishing (ice or open water) photo with us. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
One Grand Prize winner will receive the All-New Aqua-Vu AV722 Underwater Camera

This underwater fishing camera combines a full 7in color LCD screen with an ultra-portable power packed design. The Aqua-Vu® AV722 underwater camera features a lithium-ion battery, advanced camera optics, 50’ of rugged cable on a detachable MagSpool™ and a custom carrying case. As an added bonus, the Aqua-Vu® AV722 comes with a precision cable management fin, weight and a convenient ¼”-20 threaded insert for multiple mounting options.

Learn more about this product here.
Retail Value:  $399.99

3 Runners Up will receive the All-New Aqua-Vu Strike-Vu HD Lure Camera

Providing an eye-to-eye perspective of the fish, the new Strike-Vu™ Camera from Aqua-Vu captures all the underwater excitement of striking fish in colorful HD video. A built in 32-GB hard drive records underwater action in 3-minute clips, for up to 4 1/2 hours of video. Magnetic, waterproof USB connection interfaces with a computer or other device for file management as well as for charging the integrated Li-Ion battery (battery powers Strike-Vu™ continuously for up to 5 1/2 hours.) To connect to a fishing line and lure, an 8-inch rigid-wire shaft features dual eyelets – ideal for trolling, casting, jigging, dropshotting or other underwater recording applications.

What are you doing this time of year to prepare for the next hunting season? Building nesting boxes? Learning archery? Clearing out invasive buckthorn in overgrown areas? Share your photos with us
Now is the time to start asking permission to gain access to hunt private property.
A way to improve your calling skills for waterfowl or turkey is to clearly know what the actual bird sound is, and the Merlin Bird ID app is a great tool for just that!
Share your photos with us HERE  When you post your photos on social media, remember to use the hashtags  #jrproteam   #jptfishing  #jpthunting

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