The November 2023 edition of the JPT member-only update
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JPT Head Coach Revermann is gearing up for hardwater season - but he still had some great fall fishing tips to share.
He said that falling water temps have activated a crappie feeding frenzy, and he shares techniques that you can use right up until the lakes freeze over LEARN MORE ABOUT FISHING FALL CRAPPIES HERE:

If you are excited to get on the ice this season, you should check out Coach Revermann's "must have" list for early ice angling!

When you’re thinking about ice fishing, you normally think about the “gear” you’ll need to get started. Sure you need the right jigs, bait and ice rods, but Outdoor News JPT coach and virtual mentor, Brody Boese, talked about 5 key things with Matt Johnson from Clam Outdoor, that you should make a point to consider before you head out for some hardwater angling. The folks at Clam Outdoors KNOW hardwater, and Matt is an experienced angler with great tips he shares in this video....
If you're headed to one of the hardwater sport shows this season, make sure to stop by the Outdoor News booth! You'll always be able to pick up a complimentary copy of the latest print edition and learn more about how you can subscribe too!.
You'll find Outdoor News booths at shows this month and in December including: The Hardwater Ice Fishing Expo in Blaine, MN, the Saint Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show in MN, The Arrowhead Ice Fishing and Winter Show in Duluth, MN, and the new Wisconsin Ice Fishing Expo being held in Oshkosh, WI. Check out this video when we caught up with teen angler, Jack Johnson at one of the shows last season   and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for some updates on cool new ice gear we find at the shows this season.
Share your photos with us HERE  When you post your photos on social media, remember to use the hashtags  #jrproteam   #jptfishing  #jpthunting
Rattling antlers and buck calling (grunting) is one proven tactic to bring a buck within shooting range at this point in the season.
Use real antlers to rattle. The sound and vibrations from real tines instead of the manufactured composite kind seems to work better.

Sometimes they are called "field journals", but having some way to keep track of the things you see and learn while you are outdoors is a helpful resource as you develop your hunting skills.
You can set yourself up for success on a future hunt, and remember the fun experiences you shared with family and friends over the years when you look back on your journal!

What kinds of things would you track?
- Where you spotted a rub or scrape
- The spot where turkeys are dusting themselves
- Were there a lot of acorns or plums this season
-What phase was the moon in when you harvested your deer
- Where did you locate a shed antler in spring & how many points did it have
- What kind of crops were planted in the field where you harvested your deer or turkey
-What firearm and ammunition did you hunt with

Some people like to use the popular Outdoor News Sportsman's Calendars to record important things they see or do (plus these calendars have the moon phases and sunrise/ sunset times already set for your state). Check them out here You can also ask your family members to share their journals with you, to help you get started. It is a fun way to build a hunting legacy!

Even experienced hunters will go through that serious rush of adrenaline that makes you shake and sweat when faced with taking your shot. Unfortunately it causes many hunters to miss the shot.

Outdoor News contributor Mike Raykovicz offers some suggestions to help you control this.

Mike says, "One of the best ways is to shoot frequently to improve concentrating on the shot. When a hunter misses a shot at a game animal, chances are the adrenaline rush causes them to focus on the animal rather than on their shooting form. Shooting year-round in leagues or at 3-D targets assures a good practice regimen that will prepare a bowhunter for the real thing. Repetition makes every shot feel the same and the more comfortable you feel the fewer mistakes you’ll make."
He suggests you take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before you take the shot, and to pick the spot on the animal you want to hit and focus on that spot .

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