The October 2023 edition of the JPT member-only update
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With school underway - you may be thinking about what sports you may want to learn. The popularity of the Home School and High School Clay Target League is exploding right now, and you will want to learn more about the basics of a shotgun. JPT Captain Vivian Hustvedt let's us get a behind-the-scenes guide with an industry pro in this video!
And a big shout out to Vivian - she nails this like a pro herself!  

If Vivian's success and those great tips on shotgunning got you interested in the sport, learn more about the USA Clay Target League and how you can participate here

JPT Head Coach Revermann says that the lakes are starting to cool off, and that means walleyes are actively seeking larger minnows and perch that have been growing throughout the warmer summer months.

He shares that he mostly uses rainbow minnows but also has suggestions on other live bait that works well for fall fishing.

He said that a jig-and-minnow is a go-to presentation for many anglers this time of year, but there are a couple things you can tackle to be a more productive jig fisherman. LEARN MORE:

You might be reading this JPT newsletter on your phone - so this hint will be of BIG interest to you! Have you explored any APPS when it comes to hunting? Outdoor News took a look at the Top Hunting Apps To Find Prime Deer Hunting Spots - check it out here
There are key things that a responsible hunter needs to abide by to keep everyone safe in the field, such as being familiar with your firearm before you head out in the field, wearing the proper blaze clothing, and knowing your target - and what is beyond that target in case you miss the shot, but here is a list of other things to remember:

- Properly tag your deer according to state regulations.
Before you start field-dressing or moving your harvest, kill tags should be filled out and properly placed on the deer.

– Respect landowner rights
If a deer runs onto private property, you need to know your state’s laws regarding whether the hunter cannot retrieve it without the landowner’s permission. Always respect posted trespassing signs. If you’re hunting near someone else’s property, contact the landowner ahead of time; don’t wait until you’re tracking game.

– Share public land
State-managed wildlife land is a popular place to hunt. Hunters should research and scout the land they plan to hunt well before the hunt. There are rules about using portable hunting stands, and you need to respect other hunters in this shared space.

– Leave the land better than you found it
Practice the “leave no trace” ethic and don’t litter. Whatever is brought into the woods should be taken back out.

Copies of state hunting regulations are available online. Make it your job to read the regulations and share your knowledge with other hunters in your party!

Has your family thought about adding a sporting dog to the home team? In this video, we caught up with Josh Miller, from SportDOG Brand back in August to get his tips on how to make that a successful move for your family.

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